Editorial: National Development Project

We hope that the programme of the transitional government includes the following goals:
First and foremost good preparations for the upcoming peace talks which will take place next month to engage the opposition armed groups in the political, social, development, and national project which will achieve peace and the just participation in power-share.
The wealth-share distribution should be reconsidered to remove the marginalization along with giving top priority to the areas affected by ethnic or social tensions within an economic and development project based on the general principles of social justice.
The national development project should consider the protection of the vulnerable sectors in the community and dealing with the displacement and refuge tragedy.
The national development project should include the rehabilitation of agricultural, animal, infrastructure, education, and health besides obtaining the modern technology to upgrade the industry.
It should also include the democratic transformation with all its details such as rights, freedoms, rule of law, independency of judiciary and readiness for peace constitutional transformation of power.
We should learn from our previous democratic experiences to set an appropriate formula for the multi-party democratic practice which considers the Sudanese reality with all its ethnic, sectarian and ideological zigzags.
Economically the transitional government should rationalize spending on the sovereign intuitions and reducing the exaggerated funding on the military and security sectors.
Reforming the banking system is crucial to get back the monitoring leading role of the Central Bank besides redirecting the loans to serve the small scale industries.
An emergency programme should be set to revive the national projects e.g. Gezira Scheme, Sudan Railways, Sudan Airways, Sudan Shipping Line.
Strategic plans should be set to deal with the agricultural and livestock sector as top priority.
An effective mechanism should be formed to deal with corruption practices and to revise all the concessions and support provided to public and private institutions.
A strong strategic relation should be built with South Sudan starting from opening the borders, free border trade and reconsidering the oil transit fees along with the four freedoms agreement towards economic and social integration between the two countries.

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