Editorial: New School Year

The Ministry of General Education said that the new school year will start on Sunday 16th, June 2019 to end on March 3rd 2010.
The Director of the Ministry affirmed that the preparation for starting the new school year is going on smoothly, but he admits that there is conservable shortage in the teaching staff.
Khartoum State Governor directed providing all the requirements including seating, textbooks and improving the teaching environment.
We believe that the setting a date for starting the new school year should be subject to providing all the demands such as seating, textbooks and availing a health and stable environment for the students.
It is true that there are arrangements for starting the new school year such as forming committees in the localities to prepare field reports on the conditions of the schools to be forwarded to the ministry.
It goes without saying that the recent developments in the political arena have its negative impact on the process.
It is definite that the assigned committees did not finish its task in determining the requirements of the schools in the localities and the ministry did not receive the recommendations according to which the date of the school year is determined.
The school year is linked to technical, logistic and services requirements including the distribution of the teaching staff, the admittance of the new intake, flow of flour and the availability of public transport, added to that the rainy season which will start very soon and its impact which we all know.
The Ministry of General Education should reconsider its stance and postpone the new school year until all the requirements are fulfilled to guarantee stability
We know that the start of the new school year is an indicator that the life returned to normal and that there is considerable stability; but at the same time any shortcomings in providing the said requirements will lead to security instability considering that there are still some forces which have hostile stances towards the change in Sudan.

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