Editorial: No Safe Options Other than Dialogue

In the news, Professionals Association (SPA) has called for a two-day general strike in a bid to put pressure on the military council which refuses to cede the leadership of the Sovereign Council for civilians.
Talks over the collegial leadership council are stalled for more than two weeks now, the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) both claim the chairmanship and the majority of the Council’s seats.
The military council says they want to ensure that the civilian-led transition will be comprehensive and lead to restoring democratic rule in Sudan.
But the opposition says they want the army to be tasked with the security and border protection leaving public affairs for politicians.
It is apparent that the TMC is facing pressures from the military institution which sticks to the chairmanship of the sovereign council as was the case in October 1964 and April 1985; besides the consideration of the complicated military and security conditions surrounding Sudan.
On the other hand the FFC are facing pressures from the protesters at the sit-in square who were told few weeks ago that chairman of the sovereign council will not be from the TMC.
In case each party insists to its stance, the TMC will have three options, the first is calling for early election within 6 months, or asking delegation from the Sudanese people to form a technocrat government for the upcoming 2-year transitional period, or lobbying some of the FFC components and strike a deal with it on the arrangement for the transitional period.
As for the FCC the only option is escalation through the political strike and civil disobedience.
However, the options of both sides are bad and will lead to more complications in the political scene to open the door for disastrous scenarios.
The TMC thinks that it provided several concessions and gave the FCC all the cabinet and two thirds of the legislature.
The FFC recognizes that the TMC is partners and that it achieved more than 95% of its demands.
Accordingly it is high time for the FFC to accept the military chairmanship of the sovereign council as long as it is only symbolic institution.
The partners always provide exchanged sacrifices.

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