Editorial: On the Eve of the New Hijri Year

Many people will not be aware that we have entered the new Hijri year 1441.
Were this the first day of the Gregorian calendar every one of us would know about it and some may even celebrate it.
This reflects the fact that we have become detached from our faith-based heritage.
Many Muslims are oblivious to the Hijri calendar, such that most are unaware of what lunar year or month we are currently in.
Most of our children are unaware of the names of the Arabic months let alone able to name them in the correct order.
The concern is not with regards to celebrating the new Hijri year, as we do not celebrate any day except the two Eids.
Rather, it is a matter of being connected to and aware of the Islamic emblems.
It is a matter that links the Islamic nation to its root and heritage.
A Muslim is obliged to calculate his or her wealth and the Zakat payable at the same time every Islamic year, and thus, it is highly significant for an individual to know what consists of a complete Hijri year.
The new moon being sighted for the ninth month of the Hijri calendar is an indication for Muslims to begin fasting. Consequently, it is regarded important for a Muslim to be aware of the Hijri calendar and the debate on the subject of the new moon.
We have to realize that Islam itself propagates the Hijri calendar.
We are able to carry out various practices through the use of the Islamic calendar.
Moreover, we have to ensure that we use the Islamic calendar for all of our Islamic activities. Our mosques should have facilities that digitally display both the Hijri and Gregorian calendars.
In addition to this, we should also display wall calendars. Families can play an important role by reminding their children of the importance of certain Hijri dates in the life of a Muslim.
The matter is flexible as there is no textual evidence to prohibit this action nor to allow it.
Let us reconsider being connected to and aware of the Islamic emblems.
May Allah bless our beloved Sudan throughout the new Hijri year.

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