Editorial: Open Debate with the President

The Sudanese Journalists Union managed to arrange for a meeting between President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir and the media outlets aiming at bridging the gap between the leadership and the public.
However, it is long time since the Sudanese media and the President sit directly to discuss the issues of concern.
The President did not speak directly to the Sudanese media except in the public or mass rallies which, of course, do not meet the aspirations of the media, considering that the media outlets in general prefer the open debate to find answers to the questions on the issues of concern.
In the earlier days of the Salvation regime, there was a weekly meeting in which the President sit with the Editors-in-Chiefs of the daily newspapers, Radio, TV Channels and Sudan News agency senior staff to listen to all the points of view even if they were against the government and its policies at that time.
Those meetings were without any restrictions or directives, and the President speaks in it openly a matter that gave the regime the required credibility and transparency.
Year after year the incumbent regime started distancing itself from the direct meetings with the media and there was a blockade between the Presidency and the media.
The Sudanese Journalists Union initiative deserves appreciation as it will lead to bridging the gap between the Presidency and the media outlets within very complicated political and economical situations.
It is true that the demonstrations declined and the life return to normality after the considerable improvement in bread, cash and fuel supply; but that does not mean that the crises are solved, because what is happening now is just painkiller and not ultimate solution to the crisis.
The importance of the President’s meeting with the media outlets senior staff comes from the strong desire of the Presidency to resume the partnership with the media which was adapted in the earlier days of the regime.
The meeting of the President with the media is but recognition to its pioneering role in conveying its valuable message far from any polarization.
When the President opens his heart and mind to listen to the purposeful visions and initiative in the political, economical and social issues, this will lead to integrating all the society components in the government endevours to come out from the ongoing crisis.

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