Editorial: Out of the Rubble

Optimism is prevailing in Sudan after the sworn-in of the ministers of the transitional period.
The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok a respected former official with the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa, picked Dr. Ibrahim Al-Badawi, a former World Bank economist as finance minister.
Al-Badawi holds a doctorate in economics and statistics from North Carolina State and Northwestern universities in the U.S.
Asma Mohamed Abdalla, a seasoned diplomat who was sacked decades ago by former regime, has become Sudan’s first female foreign minister as the country transitions to civilian rule.
Experts say a priority for Asma as foreign minister would be to navigate negotiations with Washington on removing Sudan from the terrorism blacklist.
Now it is time for mothering other than hard work.
Hard work must be the theme of the present and the future considering that we have lost 63 years of renewable disputes every day.
We have turned during that last six decades our small differences to armed conflicts and all what we harvested was more fragmentations, wars, and hatred.
We were proud that we are above all the nations till we became behind all the nations.
We wasted our resources in killing each other under the name of freedom, democracy and protecting the values of the religion.
We are now coming out of the rubble and we aspire for establishing the civil rule.
We must purify ourselves from the pollutants and recognize each other besides closing the doors of any Sectarian strife.
We are the sons of a country which is now lying in the intensive care unit waiting for us to lift it up and transform its body to the banner (We all are your Sons)
The new approach and language of the Prime Minister and the sworn-in ministers made us more optimistic that we are heading towards bright days replete with panicles of hope.
The new approach is free from the mirage promises and the illusions.
From now let us go to work to provide strength to the arms of our ministers and to open the windows of hope to make the life nicer.

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