Editorial: Partners and Not Rivals

No political process can reach its ends without the domination of positive atmospheres besides the confidence of each party that the other party is serious to cooperate to reach the aspired goals.
The partnerships that lack confidence will not take long.
Accordingly we urge the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) to exert all possible efforts to avail the conducive atmosphere and mend the communications paths in order to reach a point that might lead to bring Sudan out of its political crisis towards stable future for its generations.
The negative statements are not required and the escalation will not serve the issue of the nation.
The mediations are required in this stage till the TMC and the FFC come directly round the table of negotiations.
It the two parties deal with each other according to the principle of (partners and not rivals), they will definitely strike a deal to end the stalemate and expedite building a successful partnership during the transitional period to confront all its obstacles.
It is a good omen that the Deputy Chairman of the TMC, 1st Lt. Gen. Himeidti described the FFC as a major partner, added that the statements of TMC member, Lt. Gen. Yassir Al-Attah who praised the FFC and admitted that it led the revolution and directed its course to end the 30 years of dictatorship.
The steps taken by the TMC in releasing the prisoners of war and admitting the role of the FFC in the change could be a starting point to other steps more serious to ease building confidence bridges gradually.
Such initiative could be supported by speeding up of the investigations of the massacre of the sit-in area besides reducing the military troop’s presence on the streets.
The TMC and the FFC practiced the loggerhead and did not reach any agreement, so we advise them to practice the reconciliation and exert all efforts to normalize the atmosphere and narrow the gaps besides distancing themselves from escalation; by doing that they will definitely strike a deal.

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