Editorial: Politeness of the Transitional Government

The transitional government surprised the Sudanese people by issuing a statement asking for permission from them to allow for celebrating the first anniversary of December glorious revolution.
The statement was received by great welcome from the public considering it a new approach to be adapted by the transitional government during its tenure.
In the statement, the transitional government has congratulated the Sudanese people on the first anniversary of the glorious December Revolution, hailing the martyrs of the revolution.
A statement said that government of the revolution would like to announce to the Sudanese people the commencement of the activities commemorating the first anniversary of the glorious December peaceful revolution which will continue till the end of the month.
The Government of the Revolution directed institutions and government offices and officials in all cities in the states to commemorate the anniversary of the December Revolution.
The statement noted that the end of these celebrations would coincide with the celebrations of the 63rd Anniversary of Independence Day.
The statement stressed that the transitional government would press ahead with the implementation of the principles and slogans of the Revolution of freedom, peace and justice.
The statement affirmed that the transitional government has made peace as a number one priority in its program, pointing out to the efforts made by the transitional government to communicate with the forces of armed struggle and all parties to the peace process to achieve comprehensive peace in the country.
The statement called on all segments of the Sudanese people of all sectors and areas to commemorate the first anniversary of the revolution.
The step of asking permission from the people comes in consideration to the existence of agony and the bad memories during the revolution’s path along with the economic difficulties.
It might also be due to the feeling of the government that there are shortcomings towards implementing the slogans of the revolution and the slowness in bringing the criminals of the sit-in dispersal to justice.
But in all cases, taking permission from the people is a civilized conduct considering that the revolution belongs to the people who have the right to celebrate their revolution.
Let us all celebrate our glorious revolution.

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