Editorial: Political Rationality Required

Sudanese from all walks of life and different political loyalties are waiting for the formation of the new civilian government of the Forces of Freedom and Change which led the popular uprising and accordingly got the right in leading the executive body of the transitional government.
The people who took to the streets were aspiring for a democratic Sudan to be ruled by civilian government.
The Sudanese youth said their word that their ruler should be for the people and not against them.
It was necessary to look for a consensus formula to include the military leaders and the civilians.
This is what will take place in the upcoming days after appointing the civilian government after which the most difficult stage will start in Sudan’s history.
This stage is not like the previous transitional periods due to the accumulated crises in the economy, society, politics, security, and education.
The people are waiting for urgent solutions to the problems of fuel, bread and cash.
It is expected that Sudan will receive financial support from Gulf States, especially Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates axis, along will political support from Troika and Egypt.
The political support is expected to lead to lifting Sudan from the terrorism list, hence allows for huge flows of financial assistance from western states especially the USA.
The people of South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Darfur are reaching an agreement to bring an end to the war and opening the corridors to allow the IDPs and refugees return to their home villages after the security stability.
First and foremost all of us will be under the umbrella of the rule of law and freedoms state.
We are aspiring for a government that does not suppress the freedom of expression and punishing females from just wearing pants.
The civil rule which the youth are demanding and was constitutionally framed in the constitutional declaration overstepped the issues of identity conflicts and ideologies.
The transitional government could not achieve all the aspirations even if it is supported financially, unless a short-term plan is prepared to rehabilitate the agricultural and industrial projects to depend on the actual resources of our economy.
Political rationality in the transitional period will help the government in implementing its plans smoothly.

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