Editorial: Present Situation Requires More Support to Government

In the news the Council of Ministers listened in its regular session to a report about issues of people’s living which are represented in bread, fuel, transport and medicines.
The meeting heard a report  presented  by Minister of Energy and Mining in which he stated  that quantities  of  fuels in  depots  and refinery are sufficient  and there  was  no shortage  in  fuel  supplies, adding that the problem lies  in  distribution and transportation, referring to the existence of smuggling of fuel products by some tankers operating in petroleum transportation.
The cabinet has taken urgent measures to solve this problem  by increasing the daily   benzene and gasoline  quotas  of greater  Khartoum and other states of Sudan and putting arrangements   with the transport chamber  to solve the transport  issue.
The Council  of Ministers  gave directive on stopping  collection of fees on roads  as it  impedes  fuel tankers  and that the  council  directed the traffic police to overlook  the mini  traffic mistakes  so as to be a reason  for hampering  trucks; besides
Central Bank of Sudan was directed to provide the necessary funds for importing medicines, besides facilitating work of national and foreign organizations that are participating in the fighting epidemics.
It is true that the complications of the daily lives are increasing these days; but we still should provide all possible support to the transitional government not only from the individuals but from the political parties and the civil society organizations.
The Sudanese people know the sensitivity of the present stage so we should all practice rationalization in consumption and exert more efforts to upgrade the production besides the development of symbiosis and altruistic behaviour in our daily practices.
We should promote the culture of controlling the consumption especially in fuel, electricity, bread and other commodities.
The youth should lead a rationalization awareness campaign to make the people take only what satisfies their needs besides urging those who drive vehicles to give a lift to the citizens on the way.
The youth should also design plans and programmes in the social media outlets to address the citizens and the institutions about the issues which could be resolved through cooperation between the public and the government institutions.

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