Editorial: Presidential directives not to target protestors

The President of the Republic have issued directives that the security forces should not target the peaceful protestors. This comes after one day of the National Defense and Security Council, chaired by the President which also stressed in its meeting which was held at the Guest House on 7 April on the importance of unifying the national ranks and realization of peace and resorting to wisdom to prevent sedition in the country.
The council affirmed that the protestors represent a
sector of the society whose vision and demands should
be heard. It pointed out to keenness of the government on maintaining dialogue with all sectors for realizing national
accord. This official prudent recognition from such an important institution of the protestors demands represent a good starting point for dialogue with the protesting youth. In this context the element of time is crucial and the steps to such a dialogue should be accelerated as much as possible to end the present situation of tension between the youth and the official institutions.
Same time the Police Force have issued similar instructions to all its forces to abide by these presidential directives,.
In this context we stress on that these institutions have to abide by the highest degree of restraint regardless of any proactive behaviour taking into consideration that most of the protestors are very young with little experience in the required conduct in such gatherings.
Also, such a manner will facilitate any dialogue with them while harsh treatment will complicate such a process. Our advice to the security organs if we are allowed to give one treat them like your young untamed brothers or sons. This method will make your job easier; serve your country and the youth future.

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