Editorial: Ramadan Kareem .. Time for Humility and Compassion

Muslims will begin the one month fast of Ramadan this year today.
The twenty nine or thirty days of fasting is one of the central tenets of the religion of Islam which is adhered to by over two billion people worldwide.
There is a sense of goodness in every person, and a merciful and generous soul inside each of us.
The spirit of charity that forms one of the pillars of Islam is, together with respect and communal understanding, a building block of the nation we inhabit.
The holy month is a time to reflect on that which matters to us most, including the bonds of family and the essence of spirituality.
It is a moment to take stock and to think about those in need, particularly long-suffering Muslims across the region and beyond – from Yemen and Libya to Syria to Palestine and Afghanistan – trying to adhere to the practices of the faithful as conflict rages around them.
Closer to home, we are duty-bound to consider those who could benefit from acts of kindness during the holy month.
We can all do our bit with basic acts of humanity and compassion to help those facing a tough mental and physical challenge in the weeks ahead.
The key for all, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, is to exercise humility and respect for one another.
The spiritual aspect of the fast however is even more essential since the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has said that the person who fasts but does not change his/her behavior during the Ramadan has just experienced days of hunger, therefore, the yearly prescription of the fast is to enhance this consciousness of God and to strengthen our stewardship over our behavior; without it we can justify any action regardless of how selfish, cruel, wicked, vicious, or criminal.
God consciousness can be present or absent in a person, and for some it can sometimes be strong and sometimes weak but we can all agree that when that consciousness is strong and vibrant we behave better.
In a polarized world, Ramadan reminds us that we are more united than divided.
This month, Muslims across the globe will join in a universal practice that aims to bring them closer to God. On this auspicious occasion,
Sudan Vision wishes the Sudanese nation and particularly its readers an exceedingly warm Ramadan Kareem.

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