Editorial: Reclamation and Not Confiscation

The Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok was very clear in countering the allegations that the transitional government is confiscating and nationalizing private financial properties and funds.
In his address in the prestigious US Atlantic Center, the PM said that all we are doing is reclaiming back the people resources that have been robbed by the supporters and cronies of the ousted regime. Adding that at same time these procedures are subject to the rule of law and anyone can contest them in the courts but have to prove the legality of their wealth and not gained by corrupt practices.
These allegations were spread by some of corrupt elements in the ousted regime to try and present the transitional government to the US as anti to private business. While the fact was that they were not practicing the free market economy norms during the last thirty years but institutional corruption. This is considered one of the greatest crimes in the western capitalist’s world in combination with tax evasion which was also practiced by these elements at a large scale to the extent that they were not in fact paying any taxes.
It was noticeable that ousted regime yellow newspapers and as well in the social media were very active in promoting these allegations. So, it was a good rebuke that the PM made his reply in such a world recognized platform.
This said, there is a need to full disclose all the corruption cases and in full details and as well expedite the prosecution of these cases.
Such an action will clarify the situation for the regional and international community and at the same time send a strong signal to the citizens that the government is serious about combating corruption. So far, we have not seen any of the alleged big corruption files in the courts. The Attorney General office is unfortunately dealing with these issues in a very routine way and not with the need revolutionary speed that such sensitive files require at this stage.

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