Editorial: Resistance Committees Controversy

The majority of the youth who are in the sit-in area since April 6th are not members in any political party or entity but they belong to the homeland and its issues and not to any political party or ideology.
The ages of those youth are below 40 years and they represent 60% of the Sudanese population with all its components, cultures, colours and social categories. Their demands are Freedom, Peace and Justice.
Their aspiration is to live dignified life and balance development all over the country.
The youth showed high degree of responsibility, awareness, social punctuality and organization in all issues since the start of the sit-in.
But now as we are about to pick the fruits of the revolution we recognize that there is a kind of randomness and uncooperative deeds.
Everybody now claims that he is the only who has the right to dictate his conditions to other.
The youth representatives are coming now with ideological banners at a wrong time.
Nobody can deny the great role of resistance committees in the districts all over the country those committees were the cornerstone of mobilizing the demonstrations and the continuation of the protests till the ousted regime was uprooted.
Those committees are doing well these days in cleaning the roads and improving the environment besides organizing the traffic in the peak hours.
Those great actions are in the framework of the civil society activities and that means clearly that they are not authorized in involve in any of the official institutions work.
The activities of the state institutions should not be carried out by any other party even if it is the Sudanese Professional Association or the Force of Freedom and Change.
In this regard we condemn the interference of the resistance committees in the government work by issuing directives or closing a facility or expelling an official from his office.
The resistance committees should concentrate only building, rehabilitation of facilities instead of turning to group of youth who take the law on take the law into their own hands.
It is high time for the FFC to control the resistance committees and stop the violations otherwise the concerned government authorities will take decisive actions which means backtracking from the revolution path.

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