Editorial: Resumption of Studies in Schools and Universities

In the news the Sovereign Council discussed the opening of schools and universities in light of the breakthrough in the bread and transportation crisis, stressing the importance of considering the opening of schools taking into account the security and transportation of students and the reality of the states, directing to refer the matter to the Prime Minister.
On the other hand the Ministry of official discloses that no specific date for the resumption of study is determined, affirming that all rumors that circulate about the matter are just unfounded and incorrect. He added that all the days lost due to postponement of the study, will be compensated and the courses of the syllabus will be finished as scheduled.
It was mentioned before that the reopening of the schools and universities is a sovereign issue and that the sovereign council is the party to decide on the resumption of the school year.
Now, and after the formation of the new cabinet we urge the concerned ministry or council to direct the resumption of the school year, especially after the considerable improvement in the public transportation and the availability of bread.
We assume that there is a specialized committee to determine the damages caused by the floods in some schools and that the required measures are taken to allow students resume their school year even in temporary places if their schools have collapsed.
There are other measures to compensate the lost days represented by the cancellation of Saturday holidays and increasing the hours of the school day to enable for completing the syllabuses on time especially for those sitting for Sudan School Certificate.
As for the universities, we all know that those universities and colleges are independent and it is the right of its boards of directors to determine the date for the resumption of studies.
In this regard we would like to remind that we have now two batches who are supposed to start their university studies did not enter the halls of studies, and now with 2019 batch the number of the new intake will be tripled.
This issue should be dealt with seriously through finding a solution to accommodate these huge numbers.
The issue is thorny, but it should be resolved.

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