Editorial: Roadmap for Protecting TMC and FFC Deal

It is not a problem that any party criticized the agreement reached between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) as long as it is not possible for the agreement to address all the issues in one moment.
It is impossible that the agreement satisfies more than 200 political parties and armed groups as each has its own visions, agendas and aspirations.
But certainly there is a midway in which all can meet, and we believe that what has been agreed upon represents this midway.
It should be clear in the minds of the guards and guarantors of the agreement that there are some who will never be satisfied even if the agreement is perfect because they are not qualified to run the fair and transparent competitions in the upcoming general elections.
Accordingly the TMC and the FFC should recognize that personal agendas and fill any gaps through which they could be under fire.
However, the support of the public to the agreement represents the frontline of defence and its weapon is the strong national will and peaceful approaches.
The Sudanese public is the first guarantor to the agreement along with the full cooperation between the TMC and the FFC.
It is a good omen that the FFC negotiators said that the transformation towards civilian rule doesn’t mean revenge, but means the national reconciliation, and that the FFC will never target or exclude any political power.
They are absolutely right because any revenge or exclusion attempt within the feeling of victory over others is the start of the fall in the abyss.
This doesn’t mean to forget about the crimes during the past decades, but there should be fair trails according to the law.
Let up make the culture law enforcement a popular culture to dominate us all to get our rights by law.
Let us refer to law in any of our disputes as this is the first brick of building the state of law and good governance.
Let us all be under the umbrella of law as this will preserve our dignity and freedoms.

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