Editorial: RSF and Social Partnership

The Rapid Support Forces (SRF), in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Health, inaugurated at the Freedom Square, a medial convoy which targets four states, aiming to combat cholera in Sennar, Blue Nile, Dengue fever, rift valley fever and chikungunya in Kassala and the Red Sea states.
The campaign comes under the slogan (Together towards a Society Free of Epidemics, and will be accompanied by members of the Sovereignty Council
The Director of the Medical Department of the RSF said that the convoy includes a quantity of medicines and pumps for mist,spraying and public health tanks and materials for water chlorination and kinetic aids including 100 small vehicles and 20 large vehicles and 8 ambulances and a team from the medical department
The campaign aims at protecting citizens from diseases that kill humans, besides providing potable water because it contributes to provide better health and create better conditions.
The act of the RSF in dispatching health convoys to the states deserves appreciation considering that supported all categories with the required health care to protect them from the diseases.
Despite their noble mission the Sovereign Council members who accompanied the campaign are facing a fierce criticism without any justifications.
It goes without saying that the RSF are ahead of all those idle politicians who did nothing positive to support the citizens in overcoming the daily burdens.
There is an important aspect in the RSF initiatives and its real partnership with the civilian component during the transitional period which works for dealing with the citizens’ issues.
It is high time to work together and unify our ranks to cross to the safe shore of reconstruction, development and stability.
We appreciate the participation of the members of the Sovereign Council in the RSF campaign and their support to such noble missions afar from the dilemma of (civilian – military) component.
It is a natural harmony with the missions of the RSF considering that the latter represent one of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) units.
Those who criticize the participation of the members of the Sovereign Council in the RSF activities should reconsider their negative stances and understand that our nation is still healing from its wounds a matter that requires wisdom in dealing with all issues,

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