Editorial: School Year Resumption

In the news, Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdok has directed resumption of study at the basic and secondary stage schools in all states of the Sudan in a date not exceeding September 15, 2019.
This came when the Prime Minister chaired a meeting on resumption of study at the basic and secondary stages at the premises of the Council of Ministers yesterday in the presence of a number of ministries and other concerned bodies.
The Prime Minister directed the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to provide the requirement of the resumption of the school year.
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education Dr. Al-Tahir Hassan pointed out in a press statement that the meeting was assured on the arrangements made by the ministry in collaboration with the other concerned bodies for the resumption of school year, explaining that the meeting also got acquainted with the technical arrangements for compensating lost days of study.
The meeting directed benefitting from Saturdays and school tournament vacations in this connection, he indicated.
Meanwhile, Governor of Khartoum State Lt. Gen. Ahmed Abdoun has announced that school study in Khartoum State is to resume on Saturday, September 14, 2019.
However, the suspension of study was one of the negative aspects of the revolution and it affected the students and their families.
The students feared the freezing of the school year as that means losing a whole year without tasting the sweetness of their success.
The desire of the students to resume study was about to die amid the students especially after the collapse of some school in the recent floods.
Before Hamdok assumes his office the Ministry of Education decided to reopen the schools but the incident of El-Obeid and other evens resulted to closing the schools again.
Mid September is a good time because it allows the students who traveled to their home villages to prepare themselves and return to the cities to restart studies.
We urge the concerned departments in the Ministry of Education to exert all possible efforts to avail conducive environment for the resumption of the school year.
Our message to the students is to forget the negative aspects and to concentrate in the remaining months of the year in their academics for a promising future.

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