Editorial: Serious Dialogue is the Only Solution

Everyone now is calling for a national dialogue to resolve the present economic, political social crises, the president, political parties in government and opposition, civil society organizations and even the armed groups know that sooner or later the solution will be in a dialogue.
The study by Prof. Atta El-Hassan El-Battahani (University of Khartoum) on “National Dialogue in Sudan: Past Experiences and Current Challenges”, that Sudan Vision have started to publish reviled a very important facts and lessons that be of benefit in the present situation.
The study affirmed that “Change seems to be the catchword for all actors, including the ruling National Congress Party (NCP), the armed groups of the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF), traditional opposition political parties, youth groups and the international community”. So, there is no dispute on this point what is needed the kind of dialogue that led to sustainable solutions.
In addition to that the study pointed to that that, Sudan’s most successful past experiences of political dialogue of 1972 and 2005 was shaped by a combination of national conditions and drivers, and the opportune intervention from an international third party. This is the first lesson to take into consideration.
The second lesson is that, “An inclusive process will most likely make the process slower and more complex, but it will also make any agreement more durable”. So, the coming dialogue also must not take a long time but same time must be given the amble time to reach the widest possible national consensus on most if not all issues.

If we want a last lesson from this study it is that the “Key to the more successful processes has been when negotiating parties had a strong support base and credible claim of legitimacy in representing their constituency, as well as the political will to implement what was agreed upon”. So, the dialogue should pay great attention to this aspect to be meanful.

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