Editorial: SRF Remarks

The Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) said that the constitutional document agreed to late on Sunday did not include ‘basic principles’ to achieve peace.
It added that it won’t accept a power-sharing deal signed recently between Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC), because it did not include basic principles to achieve peace.
We believe that one of the most defects of Al Bashir’s regime is igniting war in all parts of the country a matter that made him subject to an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court for his crimes in Darfur.
The war was one of the reasons of the deterioration of the Sudanese economy as most of the expenditure of the budget was allocated to security and defence items.
Accordingly, dealing seriously with the dossier of war and peace should be on top of the priorities of the upcoming transitional government.
We should consider the suffering of the refugees and IDPs who were not consulted in those wars and conflicts.
It is a good omen that the FFC leading figures affirmed that the remarks of the SRF should be considered as peace is a central issue.
We urge the FFC leaders to arrange for a meeting with the SRF before the final signature of the Constitutional Declaration to discuss the reservations and find out the best solution to deal with it during the transitional period.
We know that the FFC and the SRF held consultative meeting in Addis Ababa before the initial signature of the Constitutional Declaration, so we thought that the two parties reached understandings on the issue of war and peace.
But it is apparent that those meetings did not come out with any proposals to be included as an annex in the Constitutional Declaration.
It goes without saying that the SRF is one of the major components of Sudan Call and is under the umbrella of the FFC, so it is unacceptable to deal with the SRF as a separate bloc while other components are in another bloc.
Whatever the SRF remarks are, it should be deal with objectively and reasonably.
On the other hand the SRF leading figure should stop their negative statements because it will not serve the issue of peace.

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