Editorial: Step in the Right Direction

In a commendable gesture President of the Republic directed the Chief of the National Security and Intelligence Service (NISS), First Lieutenant General Salah Abdallah Gosh to release all female detainees.
The directives came in response to the demand of Eastern Sudan females, political, native administrations chiefs, youth and students who met the President last week.
The step has an important political significance which copes with the President’s recent address and the steps taken to change the political environment in Sudan in order to achieve inner peace and reconciliation among the Sudanese.
Such step with its political and humanitarian dimension will lead to easing the hardships and stiffness which are dominating the political arena, hence leading to confidence-building between the government and other parties, besides boosting the chances of dialogue and removing the ordeals and bitterness.
It would be better if the Presidential directives included all the political detainees in order to close the dossier of the political conflict and leads the country towards a new stage of tolerance and recovery, as this will lead to creative and productive dialogue.
Let us hope that President Al Bashir goes an extra mile by directing the release of journalist Osman Mirghani who is in detention for more than two weeks, as this will represent a positive gesture that the government is serious in opening the doors for all views.
We know that the mission of the press is to show the defects and support the reform steps, so any trend to ease the tensions is required at this stage.
As long as the government is able to defeat the armed groups and collect the unlicensed firearms from the citizens; it could also win the battle of argument and value high the peaceful dialogue.
It is high time to make the dialogue and wisdom a continuous task that aims at opening the hearts of others towards paving the road for a comprehensive political settlement.
The present political situation necessitates more openness from the government to show its desire in promoting tolerance and amnesty.
To conclude we urge Mr. President to continue his directives that aim to bring tranquility and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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