Editorial: Streets War

Greater Khartoum is witnessing streets war resulting to blockading the main and even the side roads a matter that affected the citizens and resulted to the exhaustion of the passersby.
It is a soft war in which the protestors employ the streets to escalate the confrontation between the Transitional Military Council and the Declaration of Freedom and Change without any consideration to the consequences of such actions which lead to more sufferings for the helpless citizens.
The blockading of the streets hindered the movements of the vehicles and the queues of the cars are everywhere on the sides of the streets.
The Nile Avenue was totally blocked by the protesters in their attempt to escalate against the TMC.
The TMC on his turn closed the Khartoum North Iron Bridge and other important streets in a precautionary step to protect the important public facilities.
The inevitable result for the propagation of the roads blocking is that the traffic stopped totally in downtown and the daily life of the citizens were badly affected to the extent that some of them broke their fast on the blocked streets because they were unable to reach their homes before sunset.
The blocking of the streets is considered a damaging phenomenon and should be banned.
We agree with the decision of the Security Committee of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) to immediately open the roads and passages to ease movement of transport in all its forms in the national capital.
We also urge the citizens and all sectors of the community to assist the security authorities by reporting any negative phenomena that affect security, safety and the daily life of the citizens.
The practice of roads blocking has led to the soaring of prices in the states in a dangerous way and absence of some basic commodities which are important for the life of the citizens.
The honorable Sudanese revolution has erupted to end injustices from the Sudanese people and their living hardship as these negative measures undermine the goals of the revolution.
We also call on the Declaration of Freedom and Change to launch an urgent awareness campaign to stop such negative phenomena.

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