Editorial: Sudan on the Front Lines of Combating Illegal Migration

According to news articles, General Assembly of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), held in Santiago, Chile, with representation from 144 member countries, lauded the Sudanese government efforts in combating the illegal migration and human trafficking.
Sudan participated with a high-level delegation led by Lt. Gen. (Police) Adel Bashaer who presented a working paper on Sudan’s efforts in combating human trafficking through security and legislative measures, besides the role of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in this regard.
On the other hand, Ambassador Anas Al Tayeb Al Jilani, on behalf of the Government of Sudan, has signed the Headquarters Agreement to host the African Union Center for Combating Illegal Migration as AU Director of Social Affairs Ms. Mariama Cisse signed on behalf of the AU Commission, SUNA news agency reported from Addis Ababa Saturday.
The center is the first of its kind in the African continent to provide services to all African countries. The center is supported by the European Union technically and financially.
Khartoum’s hosting to the center comes in recognition of Sudan’s role and contribution to the fight against illegal migration in the Horn of Africa.
The recognition of the international community to Sudan’s role in combating illegal migration to the extent of making Khartoum the head office of the African Union Center for Combating Illegal Migration gives the indication that Sudan plays great role in combating illegal migration and human trafficking.
Reading the AU recognition and the Interpol General Assembly hailing the role of Sudan put our government in a real challenge considering that our country is a transit country to the European shores for human traffickers who get advantage of broad borders which Sudan is sharing with several African countries.
It is high time for the international community especially the UN concerned agencies provide all possible support to Sudan to enable its authorities continue its efforts in combating human trafficking and illegal migration in a professional manner.
Our Rapid Support Forces (RSF) are doing a great job in contributing in curbing the illegal migration, borders crossing crimes and human trafficking through its tireless combing campaigns in the bordering zones and even inside the cities including greater Khartoum.
In short, Sudan needs to be provided with all possible technical assistance to allow its government contribute more in combating illegal migration and human traficcknng.

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