Editorial: Sudanese Economy amid Storms

Within the tensions dominating the arena among the political rivals which might take several weeks or even months, there are several threats facing the country.
What is strange is that the public who suffered from the price hikes before the uprising are now careless about the tremendous increases in the prices of the commodities.
All the people are now concentrating on the revulsion and that means that they temporarily sacrificed their sufferings to reap comprehensive reform in the economic life.
One of the dangers facing the country is the economic risk.
It is apparent now that the economic cycle had stopped and its wheels are running with its minimum by providing only the basic needs.
The export activities stopped for a while then resumed with limited activities and this is because of the absence of uncertainty due to the turbulent atmosphere in the political arena.
It is known that the economy could not work in a healthy manner within instability as is the case in Sudan now.
The time is running, and the rainy season is inching, a matter that requires providing all the agricultural inputs e.g. seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, fuel, machineries etc.
But with the current slowness it will be impossible to catch up with the rainy season by providing the necessary arrangements.
It is true that our strategic storage of sorghum is excellent this season, but nobody knows what will happen in the upcoming season, and if there will be sufficient rains; so making the next agricultural season successful is a must.
Besides the risks that threaten the agricultural season, the export movement is an additional risk considering that the deficit in the balance of payment amounts to some 5 billion dollars, so without bridging this gap any attempts for economic reform will be just illusions.
The economic reform should depend on actual resources through boosting the national production to be able to export.
The deposits and loans are not solutions because the loans and donations do not rescue any economy; but it might just keep the economy surviving.
We urge the government to speed up its steps to come out from the status of political tensions to the space of the vital issues which are complicating day after day and affect the daily lives.

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