Editorial: Tentative Timetable

Within the partnership and reconciliation between the Transitional Military Council (FFC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) there should be a timetable for implementing what has been agreed upon and to start with the priorities.
It would be better for the FFC, before going to the signature ceremony, to announce its nominations for the sovereign council and the prime minister as it is expected that the sworn-in of the sovereign council will be immediately after the signature of the deal.
The sworn-in stipulation should include an item that clarifies the adherence to the transitional period, its goals and protecting the revolution.
It is also important to agree on the regulations that organize the mission of the sovereign council besides determining the responsibility and the method of taking any decision.
Before the signature of the deal the organizational framework of the relations and the powers between the levels of the three transitional levels i.e. the sovereign council, the cabinet and the legislature should be agreed upon even if the legislature formation will take time.
Before the signature of the deal there should be an agreement on how to resolve the disputes that might occur during the transitional period.
Before the signature the TMC and the FFC should agree on the end of the TMC role and the formation of defence and Security Council with its mandate.
After the signature and the formation of the sovereign council and the cabinet the TMC and the FFC should organize a joint workshop to prepare the government address and the details of each ministry’s mandate besides an action plan with specific dates.
After the formation of the cabinet the government should start with reforming the ministerial structures and reconsidering the policies of the social and services funds.
Immediately after the signature the prime minister should start with forming an anti-corruption commission to start its mission by reviewing the acts that allow for escaping the trials.
After the signature the high educational institutions should be opened, and the research centers should be restructured to cope with the new era.

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