Editorial: Terrorism List!

In the news, the Charge d’Affaires of US Embassy in Khartoum, Brian Shukan, has said that President Trump’s decision is not a reinstatement of the economic sanctions that were canceled in 2017, but an extension of the state of emergency for another year, affirming that there are efforts to remove the name of Sudan from the list of terrorism and this requires some time.
He added that President Donald Trump’s decision to extend the national state of emergency on Sudan for a year was not a reinstatement of economic sanctions that were abolished by 2017.
Shukan explained that the declaration of a state of emergency towards a state is a measure taken by the president to be able to impose exceptional sanctions on the country, and that the emergency order usually lasts for one year and therefore must be renewed every year to continue the measures imposed by it.
We believe that one of the reasons of extending the national state of emergency towards Sudan is the Sudanese expatriates who worked tirelessly in the recent years to tarnish the image of Sudan so that the US Administration continues its sanctions and listing Sudan among the states sponsoring terrorism.
But our government after the revolution should recognize that removing Sudan from the terrorism list is linked to the ability of the transitional civilian government to achieve political stability through guaranteeing the human rights and conducting an independent investigation on the crimes committed during the era of the ousted regime.
Removing Sudan from the terrorism list requires also reforming the legal environment besides cancelling the laws that hinder the freedoms.
It is high time for hard work instead of the romantic speeches and rosy dreams as it is not enough to convince the international community that there is a real change in the country.
For her part, the Minister expressed understanding on the reasons for the issuance of the decision, stressing that the new government in Sudan will do its utmost to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, and push them towards broader horizons.
She noted the government’s concerns on removing Sudan name from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, stressing the importance of considering the positive developments in the country.
She said that the current government and the people of Sudan had nothing to do with terrorism and should not be held responsible of the previous government’s mistakes.

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