Editorial: The Feast of Sacrifice

Next Sunday Muslims around the globe will celebrate Eid Al-Adha (the feast of sacrifice).
With its roots originating from sacrifice, it promotes virtue of giving and sharing.
It is important to take lessons from all that happened to Prophet Ibrahim and implement them in one’s life rather than confine the occasion to mere animal sacrifice.
So this time, let people pledge to sacrifice something else apart from customary animal sacrifice-something to do with our desires.
Agreed, we are not as strong as Prophet Ibrahim, but let us sacrifice a morsel of food to feed a widow, let it be a small toy for a crying orphan. Let us not reduce the great occasion to a mere ritual.
Let the celebration become meaningful.
Let us go to the needful and the destitute to offer Eid greetings.
However, sacrificing an animal is just symbolic. The real lesson from this sacrifice is indeed self-sacrifice, that of sacrificing our self-interest, whims and fancies, our wrong desires, our corrupt behaviour, injustice and unfair treatment of others, friends or foes.
Muslims generally are suffering from disunity, violent conflicts, injustice, and inequity leading to suffering on a grand scale.
Character building, understanding, empathy, love and peace needs to be built from the grassroots level and therefore pondering on the lessons of self-sacrifice from Eid Al-Adha and reflections on our behaviour will certainly lead us to live Islam in our daily life.
Solution to inter-Muslim conflicts, injustice, sectarian hatreds, corruption and violence needs to be addressed first on an individual level.
Hence let’s pledge on this day of Eid Al-Adha to inculcate good values and develop strength of character within ourselves, our young people and in our community in order to bring about peace and harmony in our society, our nation and our global village.
May Allah the Almighty accept the Hajj of those brothers and sisters fortunate enough to embark on this unforgettable journey and allow us all to visit His beloved house in the years to come.

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