Editorial: The High Price of Peace

According to FFC the Constitutional Declaration will not be amended to include representatives of the armed groups in the transitional government before reaching a comprehensive peace agreement.
On 11 September 2019, a Sudanese government and the armed groups signed “The Juba Declaration of Confidence Building Measures and the Preparation for Negotiation”.
Regarding the demand of the armed groups to participate in the transitional administration, the government delegation pledged to give its response in the next meeting.
Article 69 of the Constitutional Document provides that the comprehensive peace agreements signed between the Transitional Authority and the armed movements shall be included in this Constitutional Document in accordance with its provisions.
Sovereign Council hinted at the possibility of increasing members of the collegial presidential body and the government or maintaining the current number and the replacement of current members by representatives of the armed movements.
This means that there is no objection on the demands and conditions of the armed groups; but this should not be against accepting the conditions of the government.
For instance if we assume that the armed groups demanded 3 seats in the Sovereign Council, then the military component of the Council should add three members to keep the general percentage in passing the resolutions or rejecting it.
If the armed groups demanded more than one governor in the states, then those groups should hand its weapons to the Sudanese army, because it is unacceptable to participate in the government while still holding the arms as this violates that army’s laws which ban the existence of armed groups other than the national army.
The price of peace is very high and the most important value to be paid is that the armed groups leave all its gains from war trade which is no longer justifiable.
Unless the armed groups hand it weapons in case of accepting to participate in the transitional government, we cannot say that there is a civilian government in the country.
We urge the Sovereign Council and the Council of Ministers to consider the integration of the armed groups in the Sudanese army as an important condition for achieving sustainable peace.

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