Editorial: The Illusions of the Opposition

At a time when the whole world expresses admiration towards the change in Sudan and the moves of the transitional period government, we find that some of the opposition entities are addicted to criticizing the government.
The reasons of those are enormous starting from the deep state and not ending with the shallow thinking individuals.
The opposition entities are in an unannounced alliance to put the government in a narrow corner to start lashing it.
Those are the enemies of the freedom, equality, justice, democracy, development and prosperity.
They are the supporters of the dictatorship and corruption.
They are part of the Sudanese crisis, but definitely they are not the solution.
They call the government (Hamdok government) to draw the attention from the fact that it is the government of the revolution which finds all the support from the Sudanese people.
It is not like any other government in Sudan because it came to implement a certain programme in a certain time.
It is the government of assuring the democratic transformation and not to rule by iron fist.
A government with such dimension should not be opposed.
There is difference between the rational opposition and the opposition which only wants to topple the government.
We should recognize that the ousted regime did not express the desire of the people, but it was a one-party rule which decided to confront the whole world, a matter that resulted to isolating Sudan economically and politically.
Now the prestige of the state is back through Dr. Hamdok who is well versed in the dynamics of politics, legislation and administration.
Hamdok is bringing back the lost gains through a thoughtful address that represents the majority of the Sudanese people who protested against the ousted corrupt regime.
We are now emerging from the darkness of a dictatorship to the lights of democracy and openness towards the world.
Hamdok brought back the respect of the international community.
No place for the illusions of the enemies of the revolution.

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