Editorial: The Instantaneous Danger

The deep state is the instantaneous danger as it can do anything without considering any consequences of its deeds.
The deep state is a great danger which we should not underestimate.
We must not deal with spontaneously towards the deeds of the remnants of the ousted regime whose personnel are controlling all the joints of the civil service, a matter that enable them to implement their plots, hence creating chaos.
We wrote about the necessity of restructuring the institutions of the government to get rid of the remnants of the ousted regime.
We should sack those who are working to hinder the building of the civilian state.
New clean cadres should replace the old guards who are still serving the agenda of the ousted regime.
There are certain sensitive institutions such as the Republican Palace, the Council of Ministers, the army, the airports, media outlets, electricity, water, Central Bank of Sudan which needs screening and sifting to clean it from the remnants of the ousted regime.
This action should be done as soon as possible otherwise the transitional government will not be able to conduct its tasks smoothly.
The rotten and corrupt tree should be uprooted by all of us as we are heading to a stage which requires extracting all the destructive entities.
The deep state is an insignificant bogeyman as it moved freely in the recent months before the formation of the government with all well trained cadres and huge funding to tarnish the good image of the youth revolution.
The deep state will put all possible blockades to obstruct Hamdok from going ahead with his ambitious plans.
The deep state should not be left to move freely because it will not leave us enjoy our revolution.
The issue of extracting and uprooting the deep state figures should be dealt with as a priority.
The old guards of the ousted regime should be sacked and replaced by new crews who belong to the revolution otherwise the dilemma of failure and fiasco will continue, hence reaching a sinister stage.

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