Editorial: The Wounded Nation on the Right Track

Let us first congratulate the Sudanese nation on the historical agreement on the constitutional declaration reached between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) which will pave the way for civilian rule.
The agreement could have been reached before that and with less bloodshed and tears which were paid during the negotiations rounds.
The lesson learnt from the negotiations’ crucial experience is useful for the future of the relation between the transitional civilian government partners with its military presence in the sovereign council.
The lesson is that they should try to administer the relation as cooperative partners and not suspicious rivals.
Our country is exhausted from the conflicts and there is not even one inch in its body without being affected by the complicated crises.
As long as we agree that the challenges are great and the responsibility is collective between the partners besides our recognition that the joint interest will lead to the success of the transitional government, then the essential condition to cross the bridge and accomplish the change is work in good faith with topping the national interests over any other interests.
It is true that there are some reservations and cautions within some of the FFC components on top of which is the Communist Party; but these could be overcome through considering all the remarks and benefit from the useful alerts to reform the course of the transitional period.
Even if the Communist Party is still sticking to its stance and became in the opposition it should be dealt with as a positive and aware the opposition with the components of the transitional scene.
It should be dealt with as a constructive opposition considering that such constructive opposition has its importance in terms on political and executive monitoring, especially with the challenges of state reform and dealing with the corruption.
All the faithful Sudanese are supporting the revolution, so we should consider that any differences will lead to the right track towards freedom, peace and justice.

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