Editorial: TMC, FFC .. Win-win Partnership

In the news, Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) has called for a two-day general strike in a bid to put pressure on the Transitional Military Council (TMC) which refuses to cede the leadership of the Sovereign Council for civilians.
Talks over the collegial leadership council are stalled for more than two weeks now; the TMC and the FFC both claim the chairmanship and the majority of the Council’s seats.
It is obvious that the FFC misjudged the concessions of the TMC, and accordingly missed the chance provided by the latter.
The FFC failed to take advantage from the TMC concession and that is due to the imbalances within the FFC dissimilar components.
The FFC lost the confidence of TMC due to the absence of wisdom, rationalism and political know-how among the FFC team of negotiators.
The FFC underestimated the negotiations’ stances, as it should at least follow (win to win) policy; but instead the FFC went on in escalation and over demanding approach.
This resulted to the creation of confidence crisis between the TMC and the FFC a matter that resulted to the collapse of the last round of talks after it came to a deadlock.
Each party is sticking to its stance and its right on the sovereign council.
However, the result was expected amid those internal pressures and the conflicts of the agendas.
We believe that the outcomes of the last round of negotiations could not be read in isolation from the consequences that accompanied the previous rounds in which the TMC provided several concessions on top of which is the recognition of the FFC as the representative of the revolutionists.
The current reality gives the indication that the revolution might be aborted after it achieved its first goal (removing Al Bashir), and this is because of the childish stances against the TMC.
All the FFC attempts will give the TMC a legitimacy to go ahead in forming civilian government from national technocrats for the transitional period besides appointing interim legislature to include all political forces and civil society entities.
Our advice to the FFC is not to lose the confidence of the TMC and to consider that the political arena doesn’t endure more vacuum.

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