Editorial: Towards Achieving the Revolution Goals

The agreement between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Freedom and Change Forces (FFC) is expected to be signed soon.
We would like here to remind the youth to continue the unique enthusiasm they show when they were asked to remove the blockades and to keep up with their heartiness.
What is required now is the continuation of the youth enthusiasm to achieve the noble goals of the revolution.
There are missions which are the responsibility of the sovereign council and the cabinet and other mission for steering the daily activities of the people which the youth committees can do in all levels in the locality considering that the youth are the most qualified category to achieve this goal.
The issue of reaching peace accords with the armed groups within six months as the TMC and the FCC agree should be on top of the agenda in the first six months of the transitional period.
It is good omen that the contacts already started with the armed groups and there is positive response from those armed groups, besides that arrival of one of the SPLM-N leading figures to Khartoum and his joining the FFC as one of its components along with the cease-fire announced by SPLM-N (Al-Hillu) as a sign of good intention.
One of the most important issues which the sovereign council and the council of ministers should concentrate on is intensifying the contacts with Saudi Arabia and the UAE to guarantee the flow of the fuel and wheat for, at least, the first 6 months of the transitional period.
The transitional government should start from what the ex-regime last in regard to removing Sudan from the terrorism list.
Removing Sudan from the terrorism list will allow return Sudan to the cycle of the international banking and financial system as a regular country that could benefit from the international payment means e.g. VISA, Master Card etc. and this will lead to considerable improvement in the trade, investment and tourism activities.
Removing Sudan from the terrorism list will allow for benefiting from the World Bank developmental loans within the frame of restructuring the Sudanese economy, along with the possibility of writing-off its debts and join the WTO.
The sovereign council and the cabinet should concentrate on those urgent economic issues in the transitional period.

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