Editorial: Towards Better Political Solution

No talk these days other than the question of what is the best solution for our political and economic conditions on the background of the recent popular demonstrations and the government reaction.
We believe that the only way out could only be through rational thinking that leads to avoiding the chaos.
This rational thinking should be based on the national interests and not the personal and partisan interests.
It is the duty of any citizen to recognize that we should not repeat the past mistakes following October 1964 and April 1985 or repeating what happened in the Arab world in the so-called Arab Spring which resulted to chaos and bloodshed.
If we want to reach a national solution which achieves peace, stability, and good governance through the peace transformation towards economic flourishing and dignified living to avoid dragging Sudan into chaos or distance us from foreign intervention with its harmful agendas.
We should distance ourselves from depending on the grants and support from other countries.
This could be done if we mobilize our resources and wealth to achieve self-sufficiency.
It is high time to adapt wise approaches and not the motives or political extremism.
Our country is passing through critical times and should choose one of two paths.
The first path leads to success and survival and the second on the contrary, leads to political disability.
Several topics must be agreed on if we want to come out from the ongoing crisis.
First and foremost, we should admit that the solution of the economic crisis and the deteriorations of living conditions which led to the recent protests is reaching a comprehensive political agreement.
The cause of the problem is not economic, but political because all the economic policies including the budget are political as it expresses the philosophy of the government.
To sum it up we can say that without political and national unification no political entity can overcome the ongoing crisis.

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