Editorial: Towards Consensus Democracy

It is almost three weeks now since the uprooting of the worst regime that ruled Sudan for three decades and insulted the nation’s history and civilization.
We believe that it would be better for the observers to evaluate the events in those three weeks to determine the negative and positive points n in order to assist to overcome the political challenges during the transitional period.
We should present ourselves to the world as a civilized nation that deserves respect for its peaceful uprising against one of the strongest dictatorships in the region.
Let us first praise those who ignited the spark of the uprising including the Sudanese Professional Association and all freedom lovers from the youth who launched a very smart move by organizing the sit-in near the den of the lion (army headquarters).
The army also deserved appreciation for taking the side of the protesters without which those who were in the sit-in square would have been subject to a massacre and millions would have been been killed.
All who struggled against the tyrant regime under Al Bashir in the last three decades deserve respect.
The uprising was a natural result of sacrifices of all sectors.
Some of the people were dismissed from their positions a matter that forced them to migrate and work abroad and some lost their lives during their struggle.
The political peaceful and civilized sit-in would not end until all the demands of the protesters are responded to.
Security and stability is the goal of all Sudanese and the rule of law tops the demands of the protestors.
We should not stay at the station of predicting calamities, but on the contrary we should move forward to avoid the expected calamity.
We should not allow for the creative chaos and this could be by dealing decisively against any isolated breakdowns.
We should consider that the deep state will continue its attempts in disappointing the youth through rumours in the social media outlets, and that necessitates positive exchange of prospects and information.
Let us all work for charging ourselves with the positive energies and creative capabilities to build the aspired Sudan.

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