Editorial: Towards Productive Partnership

Several questions arise in the sphere of the recent agreement between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) due to the apparent absence of clear answers on the possibility of the success of the new compromise.
We have nothing other than being optimistic that the compromise will be able to open the doors of the future to overlook the freedom, peace and justice spheres towards achieving our aspirations.
What is important for the compromise is to be guarded by good faith and build on cooperation besides the seriousness in changing the miserable reality to bright future.
It is just a start for a long and tiring match; which we assumed to cross hoping to harvest a delicious fruit for a beautiful Sudan which enjoys freedom, democracy, citizenship equal rights and the state of law far from bitterness and hatred.
We are all committed to make the agreement successful.
Even those who did not participate in the process and have negative remarks are demanded to assist in making it a success as long as it has become a reality imposed on all.
We should understand that the agreement which was born after shuttle moves is not a solution by itself, but represents a start for the solution.
We appreciate the efforts of the TMC and the FFC provided all possible concessions to reach the agreement, but we are aspiring for more cooperation to confront the challenges of the transitional period.
The main challenge will remain unless the two parties forget the past wrangling and deal with each other as partners and not rivals besides unifying their ends.
The agreement could be supported by unification of visions and determining the goals besides clarifying the implementation mechanisms and adapting the institutionalism and transparency.
We do not have ample time to be lost in disputes and our country is bleeding and its injuries need urgent treatment to have the chance of being alive.
Coming out from the constitutional vacuum and achieving some of the revolution goals is a step forward, and we should lay the foundation for a democratic system which is not an easy task.

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