Editorial: Transition Partners .. From the Revolution to the State

Transitional Military Council and opposition Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) have failed for the second day to strike a deal on the sovereign council.
Each of the two parties claims the majority of the members and the presidency of the sovereign council.
On Sunday, the FFC proposed a rotating presidency between the two sides but seemingly it was not accepted by the military council.
The two sides further vowed to work towards reaching a satisfactory agreement that meets the aspirations of the Sudanese people and to achieve the goals of the Glorious Revolution of December.
The failure to strike a deal and the prolongation of the talks have recently encouraged radical Islamist factions groups to demonstrate and to launch threats to wage war in the country if the military council hands over power to the FFC.
The joint statement said the joint technical commissions will continue their activities in order to reach a compromise.
The only issue in Sudan now is the transformation from revolution to state.
The revolution has reached its last procedural station i.e. toppling the salvation regime.
What is remaining now is the thematic approach which is moving towards development and reconstruction.
The thematic approach requires taking off the hat of the revolution and putting on the hat of the state.
Time is running and we are still stuck in the revolution stage and did not enter into the stage of the state.
We should recognize that the transitional period is not an end, but just a preliminary stage to set the final form of the nation State.
We aspire that we move from the current state to the stage of the nation state building.
It is high time for the two partners (TMC and FFC) to exert all possible sacrifices to strike a deal as soon as possible.
The safe valve for moving from the revolution to the nation state is the continuation of the bilateral talks between the two partners because any delay in sticking a deal will lead the country to the unknown while the country is looking for getting off its political and economic crises.
We hope from our hearts that when this editorial reaches the reader the two partners announce striking the aspired deal to cross to the nation state.

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