Editorial: Transitional Government Tasks

The new cabinet including 18 ministers was sworn-in before the head of the sovereign Council General Abdul Fatah Al-Burhan and Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok.
The new cabinet which is set to rule the country for three years of transitional period held its first meeting.
Addressing the reporters after the swearing-in ceremony, the Minister of Information and the cabinet spokesman, Faisal Mohamed Salih, stressed that they will commit to the revolution slogans of the Freedom, Peace and Justice.
Talking at the same address, the new minister of finance, Ibrahim Al-Badawi, announced a 200-day economic ambulance plan to save the collapsing economy including the restructure of the general budget, ambulance measures to stop the hiking of the prices, fighting the cash crisis, decreasing the inflation rate and the availability of the hard currency.
Sudan has overcome the process of nominating the ministers and the new ministers who were sworn-in must shoulder the responsibility which is handed over to them according to revolutionary legitimacy and not popular legitimacy.
People are now waiting for the Prime Minister to deliver a strategic address to show the strategically timetabled plan based on scientific, professional concepts and reality, along with determining the implementation mechanisms and the time factor for the implementing the plan.
We aspire a new era dominated by transparency to guide the country from the darkness to the bright future in all the institutions.
The transitional government should address the reasons for the uprising on top of which is providing dignified life to the people especially the poor who have the right to live without sufferings.
We urge the new cabinet to provide the media with a timetable to include all the goals and the mechanisms of implementing those goals.
Mobilizing all the efforts and international relations to lift Sudan from the terrorism list is essential.
The transitional government address should contribute to establish the institutions and rule of law state.
The transitional government and its members will be under the sovereignty of law to provide the freedom of justice and that there is nobody above the law.
We hope every success to the transitional government and all the Sudanese will support it provided it takes the right path.

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