Editorial: UNAMID Exit Strategy

In the news, Governor of North Darfur State on Saturday has met with the hybrid peacekeeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID) chief.
During the meeting, the two sides discussed the gradual withdrawal of the Mission from Darfur as well as the handing over of its sites to the government of the North Darfur.
The governor briefed UNAMID Chief on the situation in the country following the declaration of a one-year state of emergency.
He praised UNAMID’s efforts to support development and stability, saying the government would use the Mission’s sites for humanitarian, health, cultural and other civil purposes.
For his part, the UNAMID Chief expressed his satisfaction with the plan of the North Darfur government to use the Mission’s sites for humanitarian and civilian purposes.
However, the UNSC expressed concern towards the country-wide state of emergency in Sudan declared by on 22 February which, according to the UNSC, puts a question mark over the peace process in Darfur and plans to draw down the joint African Union-United Nations peacekeeping mission there by the middle of 2020.
We believe that the UNSC should not be worried about the recent developments and its impact on the situation in Darfur considering the relative stability throughout the area except some pockets in Jebel Marra which could be dealt with.
So there is no fear from the impact of the recent developments in the country on the dynamics related to the peace process in Darfur.
The continues flow of the citizens to their home villages is but an evidence that the government is keeping creating conditions that favour the return of internally displaced persons.
The visit of the UN headquarters’ delegation which was supposed to arrive in El-Fasher yesterday to assess the security situation and discuss the withdrawal of the Mission from Darfur will give a clear image about the stability and the improvement in the situations a matter that necessitates the continuation of the UNAMID exit strategy.
The visiting delegation will see on the ground that the recent emergency orders and the appointment of military governors had it positive impact on the stability in the region.
UNAMID contributed a lot in achieving stability in Darfur during its mission and now it is contributing in the development of the area through leaving behind excellent facilities which could be utilized by the government and the communities as well.

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