Editorial: UNAMID Exit

Vice President of the Sovereign Council and Commander of the Rapid Support Forces 1st. Lt. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo met last week in Nyala with the leaders of the IDPs camps in South Darfur state.
Daglo said in a statement that the meeting with the IDPs discussed the problems of agriculture, weapons and the violators of the law from inside and outside the camps. He pointed out that they called for the speedy completion of the peace file, in addition to the return of organizations that had left the Sudan to work in the areas of relief.
Daglo described the demands of the displaced people as legitimate and urgent.
He pointed out that meetings are still going on in Khartoum between the Sovereign Council and the Council of Ministers, affirming that realization of peace is a top priority and that the negotiation process would start on October 14.
Meanwhile, the head of the UN-African Union Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) said that it is ready to play a role to achieve peace in Sudan.
According to the UNAMID Chief If the mission had freedom of movement it would exert efforts in Jebel Marra in the west of Darfur and contact the armed groups and their leaders to persuade them to join the peace efforts in Sudan.
He reiterated that his mission will leave Darfur by July 2020, and pointed out that UNAMID has asked General Daglo and the transitional authority to afford it a safe exit. Both men stressed the importance of UNAMID’s role.
Daglo said that the UNAMID admitted the existence of armed groups inside Kalma IDPs camp and that weapons of those armed groups are more advanced than that of the UNAMID.
This is a disaster considering that there should be any armed groups or weapons in the IDPs camps.
This simply means that the UNAMID is unable to preserve the peace and security in the IDPs camps which is its main task.
Even the citizens in Darfur affirm that the UNAMID did not manage to achieve peace and this is obvious within he continuous clashes in Darfur states.
According to UNAMID figures, the last in two years 121 4WD vehicles, 113 peace of weapons, and 122 barrels of fuel let alone the ammunitions.
As long as UNAMID is not able to protect its troops, the issue requires serious step to expedite its exit as scheduled without any unjustifiable delay.

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