Editorial: Uncreative Chaos

The Sudanese people are still waiting for the first drop of the direct benefit from their revolutionary action against the dictatorship and the victory achieved by toppling the ousted regime.
The people are still waiting for the impact of their popular uprising in their daily lives even if it is little to feel that the first drop is there and will be followed by other drops.
The Sudanese people succeeded in their uprising after long struggle and are now waiting all this time for the first drop of their struggle; but nothing has changed in the daily lives especially the basic services such as water and electricity supply.
On the contrary everything is getting worse and people are facing the chaos of the market and the absence of the basic services.
Greater Khartoum is living in almost a blackout in most of its districts day and night without any announced programming as was the case before or even clarifying the reasons of the power supply cuts.
Greater Khartoum is facing traffic jams in all the intersections of the roads due to the electricity cuts from the traffic lights and a questionable absence of the traffic police.
There is chaos in everything, for instance the one kilogram of tomatoes exceeded SDG200 and any vendor sells the commodities according to his mood.
It is apparent that the Transitional Military Council (TMC) government lacks the sense of assessing the suffering the people are facing not only in Greater Khartoum but in all parts of Sudan.
It is also apparent that the official silence and the infiltrated information about the deficit in the TMC government are but indications that things are heading to become worst.
The TMC failed to provide the emergency solutions.
Assuming that the TMC is unable to provide the emergency solutions, there is no excuse for the absence of the monitoring role of the government institutions to control the prices and provide the basic services.
Obviously the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) leaders, who are supposed to be the spearhead of in achieving the aspirations of the people, are lacking the sensitivity towards the sufferings of the people, and that is clear from their silence.
Providing the basic rights is most important from the political rights because it is linked to the livelihood of the people and could not be delayed.

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