Editorial: US Journey Wins

The PM Hamdok wins from his journey to the US were many contrary to what some have been predicating and hoping for of a dramatic failure to attain any of its objectives and so pave the road for the destabilization and ousting of the transitional Government of Hamdok and open the gates for the soft landing project formulated by some elements in the FFC with some regional powers.
The major defect in this respect was the total failure of the official media to transmit these achievements to the Sudanese public not on a daily bases but by the hour as all the modern media is doing nowadays.
First of all it must be understood that the US President Donald Tramp have not meet PM Hamdok have been circulated by some quarters as a sign of failure in fact reveal the mentality of those who promoted it and which is dominated by the concepts of authoritarian regime which was breast feeding them during the last thirty years that the president is everything in the state and even the nation. And that any other official is just a zero to the left of the number one the president. But thing in the US are quote different because regardless of any limitations.
The second point that should be looked at is that it is the first time in many decades that a high Sudanese official have meet so many high officials in the US administration. This was in our view more important than meeting President Trump for 30 minutes as a courtesy gesture despite its political implications and public relations significance but these officials which he meets are the ones who in the end will present the recommendation on which the US will take its decisions. This is simply as said before because the US is a state of institutions and not a banana republic.

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