Editorial: Who is behind FFC Stubbornness?

It is almost 47 days since the removal of the Salvation regime after the success of December 2018 revolution.
We are inching to the second month and the country is still looking for a government to rum its machine and increases its production to come out from the deep hole of the economy.
During all the past period the protesters and the sit-inners round the army HQ are aspiring that the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) reach satisfactory results and strike a compromise deal.
But unfortunately the FFC launched an over demanding approach despite the concessions provided by the TMC.
The TMC rejected to respond to the unjustifiable conditions of the FFC a matter that brought the talks to a stalemate.
We wrote several times that the FFC are not the only party to negotiate on behalf of the Sudanese people, but the TMC accepted to negotiate with the FFC in order to preserve the security and stability of the country.
However, the FFC thought that they can dictate all their conditions and the TMC should only accept it, so they escalated their stances and practices the utmost kind of inflexibility a matter that forced the TMC to issue a statement affirming that they will sit with all the political components in Sudan and not only the FFC to form the transitional government.
In the recent few days the TMC Deputy Chairman visited Saudi Arabia and met with the Saudi Crown Prince as they reached several agreements for the interest of the two countries.
Then the TMC Chairman travelled to Egypt where he met with the Egyptian President.
Then he left to the United Arab Emirates and yesterday he met with President Salva Kiir in Juba.
If we consider those shuttle moves we will recognize that the TMC desires to get the support from the sisterly Arab countries and the African neighbours.
The TMC will go ahead if the FFC insist to practice its stubbornness and might form a transitional government of technocrats for two years after which free and fair elections could be conducted.
The other option for the TMC is to call for early election under the monitoring of the UN and the AU, and this case the big loser will be the FFC.

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