Editorial: Win-win Partnership

There is nothing wrong in the agreement between the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) except that it came late, but to come late is better than never.
The agreement could have been reached if the rivals expressed more flexibility and elasticity a matter which could have avoided the death of dear Sudanese citizens from both sides.
For the first time since long years, the Sudanese people took to the streets joyfully and chanting with (Sudan is above all), (We sacrifice out lives for the sake of Sudan) besides the national theme, raising the Sudanese flags.
The deal came amid fears that the country is slipping towards the unknown due to the stubbornness of the FFC in the last rounds of talks.
It is true that the agreement might not be satisfactory to both sides, but this is the nature of the political conflicts in which there is not a winner or a loser.
The two parties came out not fully satisfied but the reality on the ground doesn’t allow for more than what has been agreed on.
Even if the agreement did not satisfy any of the parties, but it satisfied the public who took to the streets to expresses their happiness.
At least the agreement will stop any bloody confrontations after which no party can claim victory.
The agreement gave the TMC its full right as partner in the revolution, hence preserved its sovereign over the security system, and this means that all the decisions related to peace and war will be under its direct supervision.
The formation of an independent cabinet far from the political loyalties is a credit because it will avoid the previous practices of power share during the ousted regime.
As for the FFC, it got all its demands which could be summarized by the civilian state and that is clear from the formation of the sovereign council which there is majority of civilians and the formation of complete civilian cabinet besides preserving the 67% in the legislature
The only losers of the agreement are those who do not want to see a stable Sudan growing and catching up with the developed states.
God bless Sudan.

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