Editorial: Youth and the Expired Political Parties

The Director of the National Intelligence and Security Service affirmed, in his address to the enlightenment meeting of the NISS on Saturday that the youth are the sons of the Salvation and their reasonable demands should be dealt with.
This is not the first time for the NISS director to express his deep concern on the youth issues as he personally sat in an open debate with the released youth detainees and listened to their demands and promised to continue organizing deliberative sessions between the youth and the government officials.
We said before that it is important at this stage to expedite the steps of the civil society organizations to arrange for a dialogue with the youth to touch on their concerned and needs in order to involve them in making the aspired breakthrough.
Needless to say that the understanding comes prior the intension and good faith; the correct understanding is the key factor for all the issues.
Without the correct understanding all the intentions will collapse and vanish as the thoughts will mix.
The dialogue over the initiatives and ideas will definitely lead to the results that serve the community in general and bring an end to the current shallowness situation which the youth are witnessing.
Such dialogue will lead to the determination of the national value and encourage the people to concentrate on production.
However, the Sudanese political parties with its current situations are not qualified to accommodate the youth and students.
There is a big vacuum in the youth political arena due to the weakness of the political parties and its mechanism to deal with the youth
But his should be a strong motive for the youth to involve in organized activities to lead those weak partial institutions including the ruling party.
The ruling and the opposition components are not able to make the required breakthrough in the ranks of youth, because those components do not have the change will to accommodate the energies of the youth and to involve the youth in achieving their aspirations.
We urge the NISS Director to continue his moves to accommodate the energies of the youth to make our unique national state.

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