Editorial: Youth Revolution Ship Thrashed to Windward

The youth of the revolution are now confused due to the complication of the lines and the disharmony of stances besides the escalating conflicts among the Freedom and Change Declaration Forces.
As soon as the first goal of the uprising was scored by overthrowing the salvation regime, the old political parties came into the surface each with its own manifesto to get us much as possible share of the transitional period authorities’ cake.
This is not strange from those forces which agreed only one thing the salvation, but there is no single link among them except the endeavours to get rid of the salivation regime.
The Freedom and Change Forces succeeded in convincing the youth to stand to support the demand of the formation of sovereign council with the majority of civilians.
Unfortunately, the Sudanese Communist Party rejected giving the military any representation in the sovereign council.
Some of armed groups claimed that they were not consulted and were absent intentionally from the negotiations’ arena, adding that those who spoke on their behalf were not mandated or delegated to speak on their behalf.
As for the National Umma Party (NUP), it rejected the proposed document of the constitutional declaration, affirming that it doesn’t represent the party and that they were not consulted in its preparation.
However, the Transitional Military Council opted to expand the scope of the political consultation through launching direct contacts with the armed groups in an attempt confirm the importance of the council in the political scene.
Even the constitutional declaration document came with shortcomings as admitted by the leaders of Sudan Call leaders who subjected the shortcomings to the haste in preparing it to fulfill the pledges to hand it on time to the TMC
It is difficult for the youth to understand the annoyance political complications surrounding the present political scene, despite the fact they showed high degrees of awareness and amazing punctuality in their performance during the last four months.
The youth did not get the representation they deserve for their pioneering role because they were not in those political components of the FCF.
It is high time for the FCF to reconsider its performance and control its directives to achieve the aspirations of those youth in the sit-in square.

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