NISS Chief Clear Vision

Director of National Intelligence and Security Service, 1st Lt. Gen. Salah Abdallah Gosh has ordered the release of all persons detained during protests that have roiled the country since December 2018. Minister of interior affirmed earlier that the number of detainees in the recent protests amounted to 816 while the opposition said that the detainees are more than 1000 protesters. The directives of the NISS Director to release the detainees is a step on the right direction as it reflects the self-confidence and a good intention to contribute in easing the political crisis resulted from the protests besides removing all the pressures from hundreds of families who were waiting to see their relatives free.
The detainees released included political cadres a matter that indicates the seriousness of the government to provide a conducive environment for dialogue aiming at reaching national understandings which lead to political settlement, hence avoiding dragging the country into chaos. The step of the NISS Director paves the road for the elites and political leaders to launch dialogue with the government without any tensions or preconditions.
The new stage of the popular movement requires rational reaction from all sides without any attempts of exclusion besides adaption balanced political address.
The release of the detainees should be supported by other steps to accomplish it through normalizing the political and media moves and that could be through lifting the ban on the foreign TV channels and allow their correspondents to resume their activities. It is now almost 40 days from the start of the popular movements, but it is still without leadership of political address. We believe that the shortest route to overcome the current political crisis is the consensus among the effective political forces on a political settlement based on the formation of national unity government to implement an agreed upon political and economical programmes with its deadlines, after which free and fair elections could be conducted. Any attempt to impose the will of one party on the other or determining preconditions or maneuvering to gain time will escalate the political congestion and drags the nation into chaos.

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