Opposition Addiction to Constant Failure

The so-called National Consensus Forces, Sudan Call and other Sudanese opposition entities which includes all the contradictions of visions, thoughts and actions are just meeting in the area of the out of reach dream which is toppling the incumbent government.
They are always adapting the options of high ceiling which they do not have its tools or energy to achieve it. But it is only the illusion distances between the raising the slogan and the reality.
For instance, the National Umma Parry of Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi is adapting the slogans of the National Consensus Forces and at the same time supporting the slogans of Sudan Call, while his party is standing at the same distance between the government and the political parties.
Al-Mahdi is waiting to take his portion from the government and from the opposition at the same time.
The Sudanese Communist Party is happy that the youth took to the streets and planted a mine called (Sudanese Professional Association) to lead the youth and promote the Party’s poisoned slogans (Freedom – Peace – Justice) in an attempt to reproduce the series of kidnapping of the uprisings.
It is apparent that the opposition components are playing to serve its interests and not the existing entities; so the President’s address doesn’t concern it because they are not ready to enter into any deal even if it is free from any defect or purpose.
The ghost alliance (The Sudanese Professional Association) found its cause in the youth protests, while the National Consensus Forces also wanted to exploit those protests through its announcing its rejection to any political settlement, announcing its alternative which is toppling the regime and adapting an anonymous and identity the democratic alternative document.
The opposition forces in general did not read or understand the President’s address because its leaders are busy in their illusive dream which is toppling the regime without considering the national platforms or the surrounding threats or the crisis situation etc.
The opposition entities might be out of the political action theater unless the leaders of those entities endeavor to put a fingerprint for the post-President’s address stage considering that the upcoming days will show the extent of the credibility of the Presidency in translating the address into reality.

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