The Great Escape

The Umma Federal Party (UFP) of Ahmed Babikir Nahar announced its withdrawal from the national consensus government pointing to the regime’s failure to provide the basic commodities to the people. Earlier, the National Front for Change (NFC) headed by Ghazi Salah al-Din and the Umma Party led by Mubarak Al-Fadil Al-Mahdi announced their solidarity with the nationwide protests condemning the deteriorating economic conditions. The UFP, which is formed by a group of Darfurian that broke away from the National Umma Party, denounced on Sunday the government’s failure to implement the outcome of the national dialogue process and the rampant corruption in the country. Also, the UFP leader Nahar held a press conference in Khartoum where he confirmed their decision to break the 10-year partnership with the ruling party.
He stressed that all the party’s representatives in the government are determined to resign immediately, and join the forces of change, as he said.
However, some UFP officials rejected the decision to quit the government institutions and join the opposition. The UFP has one ministry in the national government, Ministry of Culture, three state ministries in Darfur region. Also, it has 8 MPs at the National Assembly, one MP at the Council of States, and several representatives in the legislative assemblies of a number of states. It is apparent that those parties, after benefiting from the power and wealth shares are attempting now to jump from the boat through tactical withdrawal from its participation in which it was part of the deterioration of the economical conditions considering that the leaderships of those parties were on the lead of designing the economical programme and were part of its implementation.
The failure of implementing the economical programme does not efface those withdrawing parties from its responsibilities. We believe that the withdrawal of those parties is in the benefit of the government in which the participating parties should bear the responsibility jointly with the ruling party. We believe that the affiliation to any entity or participation in any action should be based on full conviction; otherwise avoidance would be better to allow the stakeholders take the lead.
This great escape is a bad scenario.

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