Youth Voice should be Heard

It goes without saying that the youth are the first to take to the streets on 19th December to protest against the price hikes and the government failure to provide bread, fuel and cash to the people. Those youth the stakeholders of the issue; but the opposition as well as the government in their struggle each against the other forgot this reality. The government and the political opposition are attempting to win the battle without consideration to the youth and their cause. It is apparent that there is a big gap between this generation and those who are trying now to kidnap the efforts of those youth who claimed their lives in the recent protests.
The opposition jumped to adapt the protests and utilize it for serving its political agendas. They just want to ride on the backs of the youth towards the governance chair without providing any manifesto on how the country will be ruled after the removal of the incumbent government. The latest of those who joined the wave is Al-Sadiq al-Mahdi who presented a programme which found full rejection from the youth. Al-Mahdi appeared as power-hungry man who wants to steal the efforts of the stakeholders (the youth category) However, Al-Mahdi’s vision could be subject to deliberations among the youth if he presented in the first days of the protests; but for the youth it is too late, because Al-Mahdi waited till the protests escalated and he felt that the regime is about to fall down, so wanted to book his seat in the transitional government.
The government is busy in attempting to meet the essential requirements which forced youth take to the streets i.e. fuel, flour and cash. We believe that the radical solution to come out from the crisis is addressing the issues of the youth first and giving it top priority. It is good that the government started resolving the issues of providing fuel, flour and cash as this will lead to considerable stability which will enable the government to address the youth issues. We should understand the way out youth think before we decide on their issues. Let us hope that the government work out a plan to remove the gap and this could be with the support of the opposition, civil society organizations and the families.

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